Is it Diet or Exercise That Burns More Belly Fat?

  • 11 Feb 2022 01:50
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Everyone knows that if you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. This can be done through diet, exercise, or preferably both. And again, that’s common knowledge. But few people realize that one is much more effective than the other.

In fact, it’s not just “more effective”. It accounts for a whopping 80% of your results, if not more. Naturally, it makes sense to focus on this as much as possible, right? And yet, few people do. That’s why getting that flat stomach is so difficult – even impossible – for many.

But luckily for you, after reading this article in its entirety, you won’t make that mistake. By acting on the simple tip that follows below, you’ll be able to reach your fat loss goals much faster.


Let’s begin by painting a picture. 

You’re trying to drop some pounds. You want results as quickly as possible. So, in addition to your diet, you decide to hit the gym a few times per week. Cardio is touted as the best way to burn calories, so you opt for the treadmill. You hop on, set the speed at a moderate pace, and begin your jog.

45 minutes later you’re soaked in sweat. You’re panting, yet feeling great. You completed your workout without giving up. You wanted to, but you didn’t. Satisfied and dehydrated, you pop the cap off of your recovery drink and guzzle it down to quench your thirst.

And right there you unknowingly canceled out the calorie burn of your entire workout. If you’re lucky, that is. Because chances are, you took in even more than you burned. In short, you gained weight!

This happens time and time again.

That’s why you see the same people at the gym – week after week – not making any progress (and some even getting fatter) despite all that exercise. You see, exercise burns far fewer calories than you think. Therefore, what you eat is infinitely more important than how much you work out.

What you eat is much more important than how much you work out.

It’s so much easier to decrease daily calorie intake than it is to burn it off. As such, if you want to get in shape as fast as possible, watch what you eat. Of course, exercise will help you shed the pounds. It’s also very good for your health. But it can also cause you to gain weight because it makes you hungry.

You should exercise to boost your metabolism so that you continue to lose weight after. 

Given all the above, you shouldn’t use workouts as a way to burn calories. This sounds really crazy and against all your fitness ‘knowledge’, I know. And it goes against conventional wisdom. But it’s true. You should exercise to boost your metabolism. Specifically, to build more muscle and increase your levels of fat-burning hormones (e.g. Growth Hormone). This will lead to weight loss, but not in the way you think.

You see, activities that build lean mass such as weight training and HIIT don’t actually burn many calories while you’re doing them. But once you finish, the “magic” starts. You go on to burn fat for hours – even days – as your body recovers from such a demanding workout. On the other hand, steady-state cardio burns more calories while you’re doing it, and not many (if any) when you stop.

Two main takeaways from above – KEEP IT IN YOUR MIND

  1. Food choices are much more important than working out when it comes to weight loss. As such, get your diet in check because it will help you get that flat stomach faster.
  2.  Don’t exercise to burn calories – exercise to boost your metabolism. By doing this, fat burning naturally follows and continues.

See, how simple it is to lose weight but yet highly effective.

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